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WOD for Monday 181231

One of the classic CrossFit WOD’s today!!  Pay particular attention to the intended stimulus discussion prior to the WOD... FRAN 21-15-9: Thrusters Pull-Ups Rx - 95/65 Strength Back Squats

WOD for Saturday 181229

SAVING GRACE Teams of 3, 30:00 Time Cap:         SCALE ALL MOVEMENTS TO ABILITY 3 Rounds: 60 Kipping Handstand Pushups 20 Bar Muscle-Ups Directly into... 30 Clean and Jerks * 30 Clean and Jerks * 30 Clean and Jerks * 30 Clean and Jerks * 30 Clean and Jerks * 30 Clean and Jerks * *ascending weights


If you have waited to the last minute to place your sweatshirt order, this is the last minute! The order will be placed Saturday, so all orders must be in by 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning. In case you haven’t heard, their is a fitted and a regular fit sweatshirt to choose between.  You other choose choice is color....either grey or black. Fitted - $60 Regular - $35 There is an order form at the gym or you may email or text Rob with your order. We have a few sizes of both styles at the gym so you can determine what fits you best. Don’t be left out in the cold in just your t-shirt!  Get your order in today!!

WOD for Friday 181228

OVER AND OUT For Time: 20 Power Snatches 20 Barbell-Facing Burpees 20 Overhead Squats 20 Barbell-Facing Burpees 20 Squat Snatches Rx Barbell - 115/80 Scale for beginners: -Scale weights -All Snatches are power snatches -Scale reps -Scale Burpees to Squat thrusts or air squats

WOD for Wednesday 181226

CLEAN SHEET AMRAP 3: 10/8 Calorie Row 9 Power Cleans (115/80) • Rest 3:00 -- * AMRAP 3: 10/8 Calorie Row 7 Hang Squat Cleans (135/95) • Rest 3:00 -- * AMRAP 3: 10/8 Calorie Row 5 Squat Cleans (155/105) STRENGTH Cleans

Christmas Week Schedule

Monday- 8 a.m. WOD with a light breakfast after no women’s class Tuesday - Closed for Christmas! Wednesday - Regular Hours except no women’s 9:30 a.m. class Thursday - Regular hours Friday - Regular Hours Saturday - Regular hours

WOD for Monday 181224

Christmas Eve classtime is 8 a.m....or if you are extra motivated, you can join a 6 a.m. session!  Light breakfast will follow... The WOD is 12 days of Christmas style...12 different movements....scaled for everyone!! See you there!!

WOD for Friday 181221

DIVE BOMBER 3 Rounds: 24/17 Calorie Row (Subs: 35 SDHP or 250M run) 21 Wallballs 20/14# 18 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches 50/35# 15 Lateral Burpees over the DB’s * Option to try yesterday’s WOD instead STRENGTH Push Jerk & Split Jerk

WOD for Thursday 181220

SAVING FACE Four sets for max reps of: 2 minutes of Rowing (for calories) Rest 30 seconds 90 seconds of Double-Unders Rest 30 seconds 60 seconds of Push-Ups Rest 30 seconds 30 seconds of Toes to Bar Rest 90 seconds


Do you have family or friends that need a little nudge to give CrossFit a go? Help them cross the threshold into CrossFit while getting a little something yourself! What do they get? 2 months of CrossFit! An opportunity to get a jump on a lifelong fitness and better health! A free intro session! What do you get? To give the gift of fitness! A 1/2 price month when they join after the two months!!! An additional workout friend Praise and Adolation What does it cost? $59 ************************************************** OTHER DEALS PRE-PAY and SAVE!! 6 month Unlimited - $649 (reg $714) Year Unlimited - $1289 (reg $1428) 6 month 3X per week - $550 (reg $594) Year 3X per week - $1080 (reg $1188)

WOD for Tuesday 181218

LARRY, DARYL AND DARYL "On the 5:00" x 5 Rounds: 20/16 Calorie Row 20 10m Shuttle Sprints 20 Unbroken Wall Balls (20/16) *Score will be your slowest round...the one that takes the longest

WOD for Monday 181217

BELLY FLOP 21-15-9: Box Jump Overs Power Cleans CTB Pull-Ups Front Squats Lateral BB Burpees Push Jerks Rx Box - 24"/20" Rx - 135/95

WOD for Saturday 181215

COTTON EYED JOE In Teams of 3, AMRAP 30: 8 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35) 10 Medball Squat Jumps (30/20) 12/10 Calorie Row *one teammate completes a full round then switch

WOD for Friday 181214

THE JOKER 1 Toes to Bar, 10 Deadlifts 2 Toes to Bar, 9 Deadlifts 3 Toes to Bar, 8 Deadlifts 4 Toes to Bar, 7 Deadlifts 5 Toes to Bar, 6 Deadlifts 6 Toes to Bar, 5 Deadlifts 7 Toes to Bar, 4 Deadlifts 8 Toes to Bar, 3 Deadlifts 9 Toes to Bar, 2 Deadlifts 10 Toes to Bar, 1 Deadlift Deadlift - 225/155 STRENGTH Handstand Practice

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is almost here!   So, make your plans now to start Christmas Eve Morning off at Elevated CrossFit! Bring your friends and family to kick it all off with a morning WOD.  Then, stick around for a bit to have a light breakfast. Then, the guys can get to their Christmas shopping and everyone else can do whatever it is that people do on Christmas Eve Day if they are not shopping. Be sure to SIGN UP on the white board so we know how many to expect....if the 8 am session fills up we will have another right after, so fret not, we’ll have room for you and those you bring. PS - The WOD will be scaled so those new or just trying it out will be able to participate and enjoy.