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Our passion is helping people do hard things--things they never thought possible. Our greatest joy comes from watching members build the mental and physical strength to overcome obstacles and establish life-long habits that define who they are. Most of all, our members enjoy healthier, happier and more meaningful lives by pushing themselves each day to be stronger than yesterday.


Classes allow everyone to be part of the Elevated CrossFit family, which creates a environment of support and encouragement. It's a powerful experience to work out next to someone facing the same athletic challenges, and who values your success

as much as you do. Even in a group setting, we pride ourselves on the amount of time we focus on each member.

MEET OUR coaches

With over 20 years of athletic and CrossFit experience, our qualified team of coaches are here to help you make the complex world of fitness and nutrition as simple and attainable as possible.

Rob Lowe | Head Coach- group crossfit, comp training

Michelle Eklof | coach - group crossfit, strength

David wood | coach - group crossfit, weightlifting

Following years of pursuing various sports, David was exposed to CrossFit in 2014 and found what he had been looking for. He enjoys the challenge and opportunity for growth that CrossFit offers each day. After building a sound foundation in strength and technique, David became a coach to help others discover the same sense of accomplishment and the pure joy that he has found through CrossFit.

Frances Elder | coach - group crossfit, women's crossfit

A New Zealand native, Frances competed on her high school rowing team. After moving to the United States, she discovered CrossFit, and quickly became aware of the positive impact it had on her life. With over five years of CrossFit experience, Frances has developed a deep passion for coaching and uses it to help athletes overcome their fears and accomplish their goals.





Starting out in competitive dance, Michelle transitioned to play rugby in high school and college. Her background in emergency medicine has given her an added appreciation for strength and health. When she began CrossFit, she found the perfect equation for fitness. Michelle loves how CrossFit has enhanced her life, and enjoys sharing this rewarding experience with others. 

Bio coming soon!

Samantha wood | coach - group crossfit

As a nurse in the emergency room, Samantha has a strong understanding of human anatomy and physiology. She uses this knowledge as well her three-plus years of CrossFit experience to help athletes capitalize on complex movements. Samantha enjoys coaching because she loves helping people achieve their goals.


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