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WOD for Thursday 240222

The OPEN is 7 Days Away!!! Sign up now if you haven't already done it!


For Time:


     Unbroken Double Unders

* Each set of double unders must be unbroken. If you trip, restart that set, not the entire workout.



EMOM complete one more Bear Complex than the previous minute .

*when the required number cannot be completed, rest 2 min and start from where you ended and complete one less Beat Complex each following minute until back down to zero.

*1 Bear Complex = 1 Power Clean into 1 Front Squat into 1 Push Press into 1 Back Squat into 1 BTN Push Press. 115/75


10 sets of 3 Deadlifts @67.5% of Heavy Single (Week 1)

                 Complete a set Every Minute

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