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WOD for Saturday 210313

First things first.....Congratulations!! Many of us were witness to some incredible performances for the first workout of the 2021 CrossFit Open today.

It was incredible to watch you all push so hard, getting after that bizarre workout in ways that that were nothing less than inspiring! You are why I opened a Elevated CrossFit!

Now, before I forget, we need to do some reminding...You did the WOD, your shoulders are sore, and you have that self-satisfying feeling of accomplishment. What's next?

-First, don't forget to go onto the app or online and submit your score. Please get them submitted early. Every year I feel bad when people pay the money, go through all the work and forget to record their score. Please get it done. If you need help doing this, come in and any of the coaches will help you do it.

-Second, remember that post WOD recovery is incredibly important, especially when they burn our shoulders and calves out like they today. Stretch, smash, walk, drink water, eat good food, sleep, etc. Simple, yet most of us simply choose to skip too many steps of recovery. Your body is an amazing organism/machine. What you put in and how you take care of it has a direct correlation to how it performs. So treat it right!

-Third, get back in the gym. Even if you are sore. We can scale and help that soreness go away much faster than the couch and a bag of Cheetos can.

-Fourth, if you are not signed up for the Open, please don't let it keep you from coming in and getting your workout in. We are still holding classes and even with the Open WOD being our WOD on Fridays, there are plenty of variations for everyone. We want you here, with us!

-Last, you can still sign up. Just go online and do it. We will even accommodate those that missed doing it Friday. It has to be done and reported by 6 p.m. Monday.

That's enough for's the WOD:


For Time:

3 Sets:


Deadlifts (225/155)

Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

*rest while your partner goes

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