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Team 4 Takes the Cake!

Congratulations to the members of Team 4! You team had the best combined score for the Open this year! Talk to Rob about your prize!!

If you want to know how it all was are the details:

- Those that were signed up for the Open were randomly divided into 4 teams

- Teams were comprised of female, male, 14-15 year old boys, 14-15 year old girls.

- Within the gym, each m,f,14-15m, 14-15f earned places in their categories for each WOD

- A first place finish in a WOD earned 1 point for the team. A 15th place finish in a WOD earned a team 15 points, etc.

- Team point totals were tabulated by adding placings points

- Extra points were earned by the two weekly challenges

- Extra points were tallied for teams and that number was subtracted from Team point totals for a final score

- The objective was to have the lowest final score...below you will find the final scores:

1st Place - Team 4 - 320 points

2nd Place - Team 2 - 429 points

3rd Place - Team 1 - 483 points

4th Place - Team 3 - 546 points

A final point tally chart will be available if you so desire to see how it all went down.

***Great job to all that participated! We witnessed many incredible efforts and great sportsmanship! All of you are seriously inspiring!!

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