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Reminders + for the Battle Within

Tomorrow is the Day!!

Tonight - Eat a good dinner and get some Rest!

Saturday - Come early and get warmed up and ready to have some fun....and maybe sweat a bit.

***Doors Open at 6:30 a.m.

***Self-directed warm-up time: 6:30 - 7:35 a.m.

******Mandatory Athlete Briefing - 7:40 a.m.*******

You need to be ready to go before this briefing. If you are in the first heat, you will move directly from this briefing to the first WOD, with very little transition time. You may be called on to judge the first heat, or they'll need you to cheer them on. So, get your blood moving, take a leak, get a drink, make a call, tie your Oly lifting shoes, put your wrist wraps on, do your nails, brush your hair, clip your nails, etc, etc, prior to our briefing. ( you may have noticed a couple of hints about what the first WOD will be, it was not announced)

Practice Good Sportsmanship!! This is a friendly in-house competition. We have deliberately attempted to make teams as even as possible. We are not trying to crown box champions. If we were, we would let you create your own super-teams and get after it. So, be nice, cheer for each other, celebrate accomplishments (your own and other's).

Along with this, we may scale a movement for some of our athletes that you are competing against....and they might beat you because of the scale. This is ok. It doesn't diminish you, your abilities, or how others view you. Just remember this is for fun. Life is great! You are great, and we love you!

There will be food! As mentioned before, if you want to bring something to share, feel free. But I hear there will be pancakes and other goods!

Bring your family/friends! Have your loved ones come and cheer you on!

AFTER PARTY RECOVERY - I don't know if this qualifies as a party, but I am told that some brave people (mashochists), will be heading up American Fork Canyon, parking on the side of the road just before the Tibble Fork turnoff, and "recovering" in the river. Polar plunge style. This is actually very good recovery and highly recommended.

If you want directions to this, please talk to Rob or Gentry. We will be happy to facilitate your attendance.

*if you haven't paid your competition fee yet, please get it done:)

That's it! - if you have questions feel free to call or text Rob - 801-885-2674

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