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Nutrition Challenge!!

Here are the details!!

Elevated CrossFit Spring Nutrition Challenge 2019

Starts Monday March 11th

Ends April 14th

Entry: $20 (pay Rob directly or venmo @ Rob-Lowe-8. His picture is when he split his head open at the gym)


  • Must follow The Zone Diet

  • Submit blocks to Sam @ by March 9th. Sam will make sure you have selected the correct block count and make changes if needed. Also put if you want to gain or lose. We want to make sure you are getting enough calories but not too much of a caloric deficit

  • Submit inbody diagnostic. You can get this done at Complete Nutrition or Nutrishop (make sure you haven’t eaten in about 4 hours. Least amount of clothing worn as possible and at the same time of day before and after (THESE ARE 100% PRIVATE and WILL NOT BE SHARED)

  • Submit starting weight and measurements (pics as well if you are comfortable of before and after. Again, these are 100% PRIVATE and WILL NOT BE SHARED) but it is a great way to see how far you have come.

  • One point per day for hitting each block amount

  • 1 point for hitting protein blocks, 1 point for hitting carb blocks, 1 point for hitting fat blocks

  • 3 points total for hitting all blocks

  • One point per day for hitting 90oz of water daily

  • Up to five points for weekly exercise

  • Up to 3 points for each day and MUST be at Elevated CrossFit

  • 1 point MUST be active recovery (e.g. stretching, light jog, light rowing, light activity of some sort) I will have examples written on the board at the gym)

  • 1 point for rest day

  • Two point for having inbody scan done (located at nutrishop or complete nutrition)

  • 2 points before and 2 points after challenge

  • Extra points throughout the challenge

  • Coaches assist as well (participating would be awesome too)

  • Points are to be submitted to Sam by the following Sunday

  • E.g. For week one points are due Sunday March 10th

  • Sam will post leaderboard each week

  • There will be 2 winners. One for most points and one for biggest change (this is why before and after stats are important

Keys to Success for Nutrition Challenge

  • Prepare and prep. If you procrastinate your meals and snacks, you’ll get in a phase that anything will work and you’ll “be better tomorrow”. This is the exact opposite of wanting to do this nutrition challenge. DON’T procrastinate and be proactive. Pick 1-2 days a week to meal prep and map out what you will be eating and prepare the bulk of the food

  • E.g. Every Sunday, I slow cook 3lbs of chicken with some chicken broth, shred it up and use it for salads and other meals throughout the week.

  • Track everything! I can guarantee that you won’t remember everything you ate in a day if you DON’T WRITE IT DOWN. Use an app, grab a small note book, etc and write down or type up everything you had in a day. If you don’t know the exact amount of something you ate (i.e. a handful of almonds) just make the best guess you can to track it.

  • Track your water intake. The requirement for the challenge is 90oz of water A DAY. Grab a gallon jug, a water bottle with tracking marks, whatever you need to track your water for the day. Remember ice is matter and takes up space. So if you have a 32oz bottle and fill it half with ice, you’re only getting about 20oz or less of water.

  • I personally like to have a gallon jug at my workspace or on my counter at home and fill it up each morning and use that to fill my water bottle when it is empty.

  • Worried about not being able to have your morning caffeine kick or waterboarding yourself? There are many different flavoring things on the market with caffeine and flavor that will help your water intake while not affecting your blocks? Another great thing? BCAAS! Great way to help muscle recovery and your water intake.

  • Weigh yourself weekly (no more than once a week) but don’t get yourself too worked up about the number (Remember: 1) Weight can fluctuate 1-2 pounds from day to day, 2) muscle weighs more than fat, and your body will be changing as long as you’re consistent but the number may not). Take pictures before and after, take measurements. As long as you are disciplined and consistent, you will see change.

  • Tip for weighing yourself: do it first thing in the morning, naked, after you empty your bladder. This will be the most accurate to your true lean weight.

  • Don’t do this alone! Tell your spouse, best friend, gym mate, neighbor etc. Let them know that you are starting to make healthier decision with nutrition and what the goal is and have them help hold you accountable. Do they want to join? Great! Bring them along for the ride! It will make a great difference in your success and help you stay the path for the 5 weeks and future nutrition goals.

  • Ask for help and guidance. As coaches WE LOVE TO HELP YOU! That is why we become coaches, to help you see and achieve your best self and your goals in fitness and nutrition. Check in with us, tell us where you need help, tell us what is or is not working and allow us to help you tweak what that thing is to help you succeed. WE WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED!

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