• Coach Rob


Do you have family or friends that need a little nudge to give CrossFit a go?  

Help them cross the threshold into CrossFit while getting a little something yourself!  

What do they get? 

2 months of CrossFit!

An opportunity to get a jump on a lifelong fitness and better health!  

A free intro session! 

What do you get? 

To give the gift of fitness!  

A 1/2 price month when they join after the two months!!!

An additional workout friend

Praise and Adolation

What does it cost?  





6 month Unlimited - $649 (reg $714)

Year Unlimited - $1289 (reg $1428)

6 month 3X per week - $550 (reg $594)

Year 3X per week - $1080 (reg $1188)

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