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WOD for 180319

Hey everyone! It’s time to get more serious about our nutrition. Beginning April 1st you are invited to participate in a month long nutrition challenge.  

We will use the Zone system as the basis of the challenge.  Points will be awarded based upon how well we adhere to the Zone principles, water intake, rest and doing your daily workout.  Points will be turned in weekly to the coaches.  

When the month is over prizes will be awarded for the most points. 

Entry is $5.  We will be posting more details shortly so stay tuned and get ready to exercise your will power.   Get a jump start and learn about the Zone by following this link - The Zone

Choices today...for those of us that are going at 18.4 again or for the 1st time, let’s give it our all.

 We’ve learned a bit about the scope of work, so if you are looking for a pointer or two, please ask a coach.

For the rest:

9 min AMRAP

30 KB Swings 30/24

30 Hand Release Push-ups

30 Alternating DB Snatches 50/35

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