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WOD for Tuesday 180327

How do you feel you performed in the Open?  Could you have done better?  Were there miscues, mentally or physically, that could have made a difference for you?  

I had goals for this years Open, and fell well short of where I wanted to be.  I can pinpoint my mistakes and weaknesses and I can make excuses or try to shift blame.  Those reactions won’t produce the results I desire and won’t change my results.  

Let us move forward knowing we gave a great effort.  We improved greatly over last year. We had some incredible efforts that had equally incredible results. We know ourselves and our weaknesses better than ever.  

It is time to focus our efforts on strengthening our weaknesses. We have a lot planned for the next few months.  So take advantage of the programs and challenges that are coming.  You will benefit through your consistent hard work...and remember that the “hard work” we are talking about is actually fun.  On we go..

CHRISTINE 3 Rounds: 500 Meter Row 12 Bodyweight Deadlifts 21 Box Jumps (20”/20”) 

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