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WOD For Saturday 210327

10:38 pm. Ahhhh Rehab

Couple of things:

1. Make sure you rehab your body after that 21.3/21.4 party you had yesterday. Eat, drink (a lot), keep moving and be proud of what you did! I continue to be inspired by each of you! So many firsts! So many great performances! My hat is off to you! Come and get a WOD on tomorrow... it will help clear your body of lactic acid and speed recovery. 2. For all those that did the Open, make sure you grab a shaker bottle and a bag of popcorn. 3. Thanks to all that helped judge, provided food/treats, cheered, or even just showed up! We couldn’t have done it without you! 4. Lastly, Did I say come and work out tomorrow? Yes, do it! Even if you are coming in to mobilize and/or to go light and at a recovery pace...just get out of bed and do it! See you there!!


5 Rounds:


30/20 Calorie Row

30 Shuttle Sprints (10 Meters)

Max Calories Bike

Rest 4 Minutes Between Rounds

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