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The CrossFit OPEN is coming!!

YOU...yes, You,.. need to do the Open. You need to get on and you need to register for and make plans to participate in the Open.

The Open is a CrossFit competition, participated in the welcoming comfort of our own box/gym...Elevated CrossFit. CrossFitters from all over the world participate in the same workout at their own gym/garage once a week for three weeks, record their scores and get to see how they measure up. Sound daunting? It's not. It's really a great way to place a bookmark of sorts in your fitness progression, to see where you are now and then compare it to where you are next year.

Each Friday for three weeks, starting Friday, February 25th, the WOD will be whatever CrossFit announces it to be a day before. If you can't make it on that Friday, we will do our best to accommodate so you can get the workout done; you actually have from Thursday when the WOD is announced, until sometime on Monday to get it done and reported.

I've been doing the CrossFit thing for a few years now, and one thing I regret is that I didn't register for it the first couple of years. Looking back, I could have paid the $20 and it wouldn't have broke me. If I had registered and recorded my scores, I would be able to go back and see where I ended up (based on percentile rank) and compare it to where I have been every year since then. I love to see progress, and those first two years would have been where the most explosive part of my growth in CrossFit took place.

This year, we are putting together plans to make it a bit more interesting; so stay tuned as we will be announcing those plans in the next couple of days. In the meantime, get registered.

It's going to be Fun!!

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