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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The Battle Within 3 is around the corner, less than a month away!

Come, join in our yearly in-house competition. This is a friendly, low pressure in house competition that is open to those that attend Elevated CrossFit.

Date: Saturday, November 5th

Time: 8 am - Noon(ish)

Cost: $10/person

Doors Open: 6:30

1st WOD Briefing: 7:40 - (ALL competitors must be present by 7:40 and must attend)

Format: 2 person team competition. Every competitor will be paired up with a partner. (Sorry, no, you do not get to pick your partner)

Divisions: Scaled Women, Scaled Men, Rx Women, Rx Men. Teens will likely be in one of the men's or womens divisions but this is tbd.

WOD's - will be announced by October 17th.

Family/Friends: Bring them to cheer you on!

Refreshments: Yes

(and if you'd like to bring some to share, please do. We do lean towards the good for you stuff, but will fudge a bit)

HOW TO SIGN UP: There is a sign up sheet on the white board as you enter the gym. Add your name, pay/Venmo your entry fee, and you are good to go!

Questions? Ask your coach or email

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