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You made up your mind to do it, Great!! Now, get on it.. If you haven't signed up yet, let me help you... Here is the link to the sign-up page -

We need your help. Sign up early so we can form teams and make plans in advance of the first day of the Open, which is 9 days away. Please let any one of the coaches know if you have questions. We are happy to help. Now read the fine print!

Congratulations to Leslie! She was the first to send a text after signing up for the Open. Again...the first person to read this and get or be signed up for the OPEN and then texts me to tell me they did so, will get their choice of a Free FitAid, O2 or Broomhead Bar. 801-885-2674. Get on this! Leslie was the first last time, and it took way too long for her text. So, if that historical precedence holds true you have a chance.

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