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OPEN Teams!

If you registered for the Open and marked "Elevated CrossFit American Fork" as your box/gym/affiliate, we have put you on an internal team.

Throughout the Open, for the next 3-1/2 weeks, we will be keeping a tally of Open Performances and the metrics that will be posted and tracked by your Team Captain. The team that has the highest points by the end of this years Open will win and and be given a surprise award and will, of course, have bragging rights until next year.

So, do your best in the Open Workouts, make sure you find out how to earn extra points each week, and most of all, have fun doing it!

The teams were completely randomized and are as shown below. If you registered and don't see your name, please talk to Coach Rob and we will get it straightened out. For now we are just numbering the teams, but feel free to get with your teammates and come up with a name you are proud of!

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Dan Perkins

Jaron Mason

RJ Roberts

Edgar Alatorre

Lance Rodela

Brett Dahle

Jason Norton

Logan Carlson

Bailey Carlson

Jason Budge

Kyle Maag

Morgan Michaelis

Nate Christensen

Corbin Carlson

Andrew Packer

Rob Lowe

Treyson Gordon

Stewart Reeve

Garrett Griffin

Skylar Shannon

Thomas Singleton

Ronald Butler

Talbott Palmer

Ashley Olsen

Michelle Eklof

Paige De Hoyos

Sydney Pincock

Nicole King

Morgan Griffin

Jessica Reeve

Sara Bright

Bailey Michaelis

Avery Carlson

Katy Wilbur

Madilynne Littlefield

Leslie Sheriff

Abbi Elder

McKenna Payne

Mickey Pincock

Catharine Butler

Alix Hartley

Aubrey Pincock

Pete Gilbert

Kurtis Jensen

Ammon Schmidt

Frances Elder

***Please note...these teams are not yet set in stone. If there is a compelling reason to shift people around, please let Rob know. Also, there will likely be some that enter late and we will be adding them to teams between now and the registration deadline.

***Further, please make sure to enter your scores after you do the workouts and before the Monday 5:00 p.m. cutoff. I would recommend getting them entered right after you complete each Open WOD so you don't forget or procrastinate too long.

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