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Come join us for our annual Murph WOD on Memorial Day! Read below to see why we do this…


6:00 a.m.

7:30 a.m

After your WOD there will be some kind of refreshment, so come, bring a friend/friends, do the WOD, and hang out afterwards while enjoying something good to throw down your gullet. Navy Seal Lieutenant Michael Murphy was one bad dude. He was a hero although he would’ve never of called himself one. He made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country, The United States of America, in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.

I highly recommend reading the book “Lone Survivor” to better understand who Mike Murphy was and who the men and women that protect our freedom in this great nation are. This workout was actually created by the Navy Seal himself, and he would do it everyday. He called it “Body Armour,” but now we call it “MURPH”.

Murphy was the leader of a four-man SEAL reconnaissance unit that secretly infiltrated into the Hindu-Kush mountains on June 27, 2005. Ambushed on the 28th June, 2005 by overwhelming Taliban forces, Murphy valiantly climbed into the open toward higher ground to make an electronic call for rescue. Wounded, he fought on, allowing one member of his squad to escape, before he himself was killed.

We are blessed that we have people that are willing to step into hell to protect our freedom so that we don’t have to.

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