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In Case You Are Wondering...

Just in case you want to know how tonight is going to go...

When you show up:

  • There will be a whiteboard set up so you can sign up for a heat...we will put heat times on the board so you have an idea of when they start.

  • Again, we need help judging. Please come with this in mind; we thank you in advance!!

  • There are sheets on the wall right as you walk in the door where you need to mark if you did your extra point work for the week. These points count towards your team's score and will make or break the final score.

  • Wear your team color when you work out so you can mark that one!

  • Please show up with time to spare so you can get warmed-up, help judge and participate in the WOD.

  • There are some suggested warm-up activities on main whiteboard...make sure to get your lower back and hamstrings loose and ready to go. There will not be a group warm-up, so this is up to you.

  • Make sure to attend a WOD briefing before you work out or judge. There are some rules you need to know about, and some changes from previous years.

See you there!!

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