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Actually not exciting at all... just a repost but please read if you haven’t info at the bottom:

We love all of you and want everyone to have an enjoyable, productive experience in our classes. In case you have not yet heard, we now have a sign-up page (link below) for our classes to help spread class load...especially as we deal with COVID-19. Please sign-up for the class you will be attending.

If the class you want to go to looks full, and you are able to attend a different class the same day, sign up for the less attended time slot. This will help our social distancing efforts and help keep you safe.

Here is the link:

Thank you! See you at the Box!

P.S. - If you are having trouble with the sign-up or your session looks full, please call and let me know so I can help! - Rob - 801-885-2674

New Info- We are not limiting classes at this time. We hope you will all do your best to spread your attendance as well as you can. If we get a couple extra in a class we are not going to worry about it unless such gatherings become illegal. We do ask that we all make an effort to help keeping numbers down while still coming as much as possible.

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