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In accordance to mandate put forth by powers that can, at will, exercise dominion (justified or not), please make note of the following:

Businesses may operate while taking appropriate precautions

- Patrons to wear masks while not exercising

- Patrons may exercise without masks

- All are to practice social distancing

- Take extra precautions to clean more frequently with virucidal products

- Those with any flu-like symptoms should stay home until symptoms have passed

- All should wash/sanitize hands frequently

- All should avoid touching their face/mouth

- Those with co-morbidities should take extra pre-cautions

Elevated CrossFit and it's employees, do not represent or pretend a position of authority when it comes to political or legal matters. Elevated CrossFit and it's employees when acting as Elevated CrossFit's representatives will therefore not exercise or enforce mandates, laws, ordinances or the like in place of or for the governing authorities.

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