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Did you know?

Couple of things-

  1. Did you know that Coach Frances ended up 163rd in her region (Oceana Region) and age group in the Open? She's kind of a big deal!

  2. We are a supplier of Thorne supplements and products (an official supplement supplier of CrossFit) and you get a discount and free shipping when you order them through our portal that can be found at You will need to register and create an account.

  3. You are what you eat! Are you getting enough Protein? A rough estimate of what a body needs is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day. This facilitates maintenance and growth. We are happy to talk with you to give recommendations of how to get the protein you need in your diet

  4. Do you like to compete? There are many local CrossFit competitions. Most can be found by joining the Facebook CrossFit Hub. And....start looking forward to our own in-house competition..."The Battle Within", that we will hold sometime in November. More info to follow

  5. Friendly reminders

  • Please don't drop barbells unless you have full 25# plates loaded

  • Please don't drop dumbbells

  • Please break the wall-ball's descent instead of letting it drop from heighth

  • Please clean up after droppings, toys, weights, rowers, bikes, jump ropes, sleds, etc should all be put away before you leave (even if the next class will be using them)

6. You are awesome

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