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COVID-19 & Physical Activity

Most or all of us have had the discussions surrounding COVID-19, amongst ourselves and with others outside our Elevated CrossFit community. It is refreshing to see data supporting what we already know: that COVID-19 has the ability to wreak havoc, but it's effects are far more potent on those with pre-existing conditions, and a good number of those pre-existing conditions can be mitigated through living a healthy active lifestyle.

The next time we are confronted and the our well-meaning friends say something like "I can't believe you are still going to a gym to workout" and/or they question the morality of doing so, you can cite the study below to back up your side of the discussion. provided the following with a link (below intro) to the article:

COVID-19 Mortality: A Matter of vulnerability

Researchers in France argue, “In the COVID-19 case, an advisable strategy may be to increase ... immunity and resilience and prevent sedentary behaviors through higher physical activity and better physical fitness. Hence, political strategies restricting physical activity (e.g., closing sport facilities) may ... (inhibit) the enhancement of population immunity in response to present and future viral aggressors.” READ MORE

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