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Congratulations are in order for all of our athletes that participated in the OPEN!

Great Job! Everyone deserves a high five for putting themselves out there and giving those workouts their all!

A second congratulations go out to our athletes that qualified for and moved on to the Quarterfinals! Those workouts are complete and we can all move on together! Great Job to Bailey Carlson, Mickey, Scott and Rob!

Again, as I posted before, we now can focus on what we learned from those workouts....keep reading:

"We are a couple of weeks removed from the Open. For most, the Open proves to be an eye opener. There are different ways we can react; a lot of things we can potentially learn from the experience.

It can be frustrating to look at the leaderboard and see thousands and thousands of people in front of you. It can be frustrating to get to a workout and want to do it Rx, but be stopped in our tracks by single movement/skill that we cannot perform as prescribed.

We get to choose how to react. Should we be disappointed in our efforts? Should we be discouraged?

Let me answer that. First, no, it is not ok to be discouraged. Discouragement does not take into account where we came from and that we could be sitting home on the couch, or still in bed. Discouragement is not motivating. I can think of nothing positive in the word or it's meaning.

On the other hand, it is ok to be disappointed in where we ended up. Maybe we expected to do better and to stack up better next to our peers. We can be disappointed as long as we use that disappointment for motivation. I was disappointed in the number of muscle-ups I got in 23.1. That's OK, I'm going to use that for motivation. Going forward, you can bet ring muscle-ups are a focus of mine.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Take a look back at your Open performance. I want you to evaluate your weaknesses. I want you motivated by them. I want you to start getting after them. To help you with this, there is a section on the whiteboard next to the lockers that is reserved for you to write things you want to focus on over the next months/year. If you see something already there that you also want to work on, just put a tick mark by it. We will be incorporating this feedback to help everyone get better where they want/need it the most.

Overall, you should be proud of yourself. You put yourself out there! You worked hard! You made progress! Not just a little progress, but a ton! You are light-years ahead of where you started and where you would be if you didn't stick to it. I am motivated and encouraged every day by your efforts.

So keep at it! Set goals. Work on those things you want to improve. The sky is the limit and we just got off the ground."

-Coach Rob

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