• Coach Rob

2022 OPEN TEAM RESULTS - in detail

First though, make sure you attend the Close of the Open tonight! Come anytime between 4:30 and 6:30 to find your CrossFit Total (Backsquat, Deadlift and Strict Press combined total weight). Bring something to snack on to share (if you want), and hang out while cheering on your friends while everyone lifts big weight. Friends and Family are invited as well!

For those that want to know, here are how the teams faired. BTW - everyone and every team did incredible, no matter what the place. Below you will find how the team scores settled out for the Open:

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ROYCE DUNN 3 Sets: 6 Thrusters (135/95) 150m Run 9 Thrusters (115/80) 100m Run 12 Thrusters (95/65) 50m Run -rest 3 minutes between sets- Strength Deadlift

TYLER AND BAYLEE 8 Rounds 10 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35) 50 Double Unders 25’ Handstand Walk -rest 2:00 b/t rounds- Strength - Back Squats

VICTORIA CAMPOS 20 Minutes EMOM Row 200/175m EMOM -rest 5 minutes- 10 Minutes EMOM 8 Power Clean and Jerks (115/80) -rest 5 minutes- 10 Minutes 6/5 Bar Muscle Ups EMOM