• Coach Rob


Ok, so the New Year’s glow has left.  

   The boost we get when starting something new feels less and less significant. 

   The shiny luster of goals has somehow faded. 

What we do next is the formation of our character.  We can choose to persevere through these next few months or we can let it all continue to fade into the review mirror. 

Motivation is difficult. No-one can do it for us.  Yes, occasionally we can get a little outside push, but when it comes down to it, it’s up to one person... you know who that is. 

So, in an effort to be that little outside push, the time is NOW!  Let’s continue to carve out the habits we set out to form. Get out of bed; get off the couch; come out and play. 

The good part is that this is fun and we have such an incredible community!  It’s so motivating to be able to do this with good friends!  You inspire me!

Let’s do this! See you at the Box!!

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