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Athlete Spotlight!

Brianna, Aaron, Avery, Ardrey, Antony Singh 

We have a gym-full of amazing people!  We are going to do a better job of sharing about them.  

Today’s spotlight falls on Bri Singh.  She is awesome!  Always bubbly and cheerful; everyone in the women’s class knows when she walks in the room. The class definitely misses her when she is absent. 

A few things about Bri in her own words: * I grew up playing basketball, swimming and doing my all time favorite sport, water polo. I moved to Utah after college, met my hubby and have never left! *I’m coming up on my 2nd year of CrossFit and honestly I never thought I’d say that! I always thought crossfit wasn’t for me. Too competitive and crazy 🤣. I tried a few gyms out before landing myself at Elevated. I love it here. I love my instructors (especially Fran). *I was looking for a place that would push me but not be overbearing and that’s why I love it at Elevated. I have made some amazing friends and won’t ever leave simply because of them! *I even continued to come up until the day I had baby number three and returned only four weeks later because I missed everyone so much! * I’m not sure I can tell you my favorite WOD because I really love almost everything except overhead squats. 

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