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Day 1! How did you do?

It's April 2nd and you know what that means...the Nutrition Challenge started today!

How was everyone's first day? As good as mine? I have to admit my mother in law is still here and she makes THE BEST food! So, I stayed true to my protein blocks and failed my carbs and fats.

But that is okay it's day 1 and hey, I tried. That is all we ask is that you try! You don't have to be perfect..I'm definitely not.

I heard a lot of comments today about the "Zone" looking too complicated. Yes, it looks daunting at first, but I promise you can get it. Still confused? Ask a coach, let us help you acheive your health goals!

Extra bonus point this week if you like and comment on this post! Haven't joined in yet? You still can! $5 due by the 7th. There is still time! So jump on in and become a healthier you!

-Coach Sam

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