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WOD for Thursday 210429

We are going to "paint a vivid picture of what deep practice feels like. It's the feeling, in short, of being a staggering baby, of intently, clumsily lurching toward a goal and toppling over. It's a wobbly, discomfiting sensation that any sensible person would instinctively seek to avoid. Yet the longer the babies remained in that state and the more willing they were to endure it and to permit themselves to fail- the more myelin they built and the more skill they earned. The staggering babies embody the deepest truth about deep practice: to get good, it's helpful to be willing, or even enthusiastic, about being bad. Baby steps are the royal road to skill." -The Talent Code

As we go forward, let's remember this. Let's get past our insecurities and our self-doubt. Let's celebrate our every effort, especially when they end in failure. We are those staggering babies, taking steps to develop skills. Those efforts are nothing less than fearless, persistent determination that builds character and ennobles the person.


200m Run, 2 Pull-ups, 2 Push-ups

200m run, 4 Pull-ups, 4 Push-ups

200m run, 6 Pull-ups, 6 Push-ups

200m run, 8 Pull-ups, 8 Push-ups

*continue to add 2 Pull-ups and 2 Push-ups to the total performed each round after every run

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