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WOD for Monday 240617

Just a thought or two...or three...

Thought 1 - You are all incredible people! You inspire and motivate me. You are the reason Elevated CrossFit exists. Knowing some of your struggles, I am constantly in awe when you show up. I applaud you and your efforts. Keep up the good work!

Thought 2 - Everyone has struggles. Everyone has multiple reasons why they could miss a day. I will never discount what any one of you is going through, but what I will do is try to get you back here as soon as possible, as much as possible.

Sometimes, it seems like we need a little change of perspective....What are your daily essentials? I mean, pure essentials, the kind you wouldn't dream of not doing. Eat, drink and sleep all come to mind. My goal here is to add a workout and/or active recovery to that list. Once we elevate taking care of our body to that list of requirements, it solves many problems. Change your perspective about working out to make it a need, not a want. Make it a top priority, instead of down the list a bit. Some of you are already expert at this....keep up the good work!

Thought 3 - Housekeeping items...

Preface - Most are doing a great job at these, thank you!

a. Please be attentive during your classes. Please come to the whiteboard when summoned. This may require you to pay better attention and listen for the coaches beckoning call and my require you to move all the way across the gym. Please don't make others wait on you. This wastes valuable class time and frustrates members and coaches alike.

b. Please clean up after yourselves. This includes putting dumbbells/kettlebells all the way back in their place (under the utility racks, or on the dumbbell racks) Nothing should be sticking out from under those racks. Please put bumper plates back in their respective stacks...not mixing different types. Please do all you can to be on time to class. Please, please, please don't leave chalk around. We find pieces of chalk out of the buckets almost every day. Along with this, if you make chalk mess, a wax mess, a mud mess, a food mess, a sweat mess, etc...please clean it up. There are brooms and mops available.

-Thank you!


30 Pull Ups

3 Rounds of DT (155/105)

20 Pull Ups

2 Rounds of DT (155/105)

10 Pull Ups

1 Round of DT (155/105)

One round of DT = 12 Deadlifts + 9 Hang Power Cleans + 6 Shoulder to Overhead


Power Clean:

Heavy 3 Rep

Heavy 2 Rep

3 Heavy Singles (Build to 85-90% through the 3 singles)

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