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WOD for Monday 200518

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was full of the adventure you crave and the rest you need!

Now, a couple of things before we get down to Monday’s fun:

First- A huge thank you to all of you who have hung in there through the Covid-19 debacle! We are still here because of you, and I truly appreciate all of the support! I appreciate your patronage, and more than that I appreciate the friendships and community!

Next- Let’s keep doing our due diligence cleaning what we are going to touch and what we have touched. You have all been great at this, and I thank you.

Next- A word on scaling or modifying WOD’s... do it! We want you to come today, and again tomorrow, next week, next month and so on. So, there is no shame not having an Rx by your name for a workout. Learn your limits, and learn when and how to push those limits, but, use a bit of caution so you can avoid injury. You will make more progress in the long run. Listen to the coaches when they give the stimulus for the workout... this should give great insight into how much weight to use, movement modifications and how hard to go. If in doubt, please ask the coach. Each one is adept at providing their expert opinion on how you should or shouldn’t modify.

Along the same lines, if you have an injury, let the coach know and be smart about rehabilitating it. Be slow, intentional and informed about your path to recovery. Seek your coaches input, but also, you need to become the expert on whatever is hurting. Then, be prudent about when and what you do as you recover. I would rather you ask for modifications for an extra week or two than you push it to early and re-injure yourself.

Lastly, if you see a WOD you don’t like, come in and do it. It probably contains something you need to work on. Monday, for instance, has Ring Muscle-Ups. It has too many for me, but I’m going to do it and work on that movement and leave without an Rx by my name. I’ll be better for doing it. So will you.

Thanks again for everything! See you there!

Coach Rob


3 Rounds:

50 Air Squats

7 Ring Muscle-ups

10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

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