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WOD for Friday 240105



Devil press (2x50/35)


Chest to bar pull ups

STRENGTH - 15 min

at 0:00

:20 HEAVY Front Rack Hold @ 8/10 RPE

:20 HEAVY Front Rack Hold @ 8.5/10 RPE

:20 HEAVY Front Rack Hold @ 9/10 RPE

:20 HEAVY Front Rack Hold @ 9.5/10 RPE

*5 Tall Box Jumps after each set.


at 7:00

8 minutes on the minute [EMOM]

odd minute: 15 V Ups

even minute: One Set of Unbroken Toes To Bar [approx 90% of your max set] + [pause after you come off rig] then attempt 3 more reps if time allows.

**For even minute, you will do one set of unbroken and then jump back onto the rig and complete 3 more reps

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