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Monday Open Info

For those participating in the Open, Great Job in Week 1! We had so many incredible are all amazing!! a couple of items:

  1. If you haven't done 22.1 yet, let the coach know when you arrive so we can get you done. This must be done and reported before 6 p.m. MST Monday. Please don't wait until the last minute...they do not make exceptions, and they don't listen to me. If you can't make it during our regular class times, please reach out and we will try to make something work. 801-885-2674

  2. When you walk into the gym, look at the wall on the left. There you will find the team listings. Captain's names are in Red. These were done at random, enjoy!

  3. On the team roster sheets, you will see spaces to record your scores and to mark whether or not you earned the extra points for the week. Week 1 extra points were for getting 7 plus hours of sleep every night and for participating in at least 3 workouts during the week (not including the Open). Simply put a checkmark in the space corresponding to the extra points and we will tally them.

  4. Week Two EXTRA Points will be for:

  • Wearing the same color as the rest of your team to the WOD...your team can pick the color.

  • For doing at least 20 minutes of stretching every day (both on your workout days and active recovery days)

That's it...have a great week and get ready for 22.2!!

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