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-By Coach Jenny

CONGRATULATIONS!! to all of you for taking this challenge on.  I hope you have enjoyed the process and felt some benefits from it.

Here are the scores for week 4! What an amazing push to the end!

Team #6: 326

Team #8: 271.5

Team #5: 252

Team #1: 248.5

Team #10: 219

Team #2: 185

Team #7: 173

Team #3: 169

Team #9: 155.5

Team #4: ?

Here are the overall scores for the entire challenge:

Team #6: 863

Team #8: 825.5

Team #1: 742.5

Team #5: 721

Team #10: 699

Team #2: 657

Team #3: 626

Team #7: 593

Team #9: 558

Team #4: ?

Our overall winners are Team #6: April Graham, Tom Graham, Mel Thompson, and Ashley Olsen.  Please see Rob to pick up your prizes. 

Make sure to give them a big high 5 next time you see them!  

No matter where your team ended up, you should all be super proud of yourselves. The reward is in the process of pushing oneself and engaging in activities that promote health and wellness. You are all winners in my eyes!  

It was a pleasure participating in this challenge with you.  I believe it has brought us closer as we have worked and supported each others efforts.  Many many thanks to Rob and Elevated CF for providing this space and for all the awesome coaches and people we get to rub shoulders with.

Keep up the good work, my friends! 

Much love and respect.

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