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WOD for Wednesday 190807

You know how sometimes you read the WOD and decide to go against everything you know you should do, and you skip it?   

Well, believe it or not, you are not alone.  

We all have struggled with at least not wanting to do a particular WOD and sometimes it is so easy to come up with an excuse.  (We all know about excuses...something about everyone has them and...)

My challenge to you is to commit to yourself and me that you will not let those excuses sway you. 

 You’ve already made the decision to go to CtossFit; you’ve paid for a membership; you’ve committed to be here, to learn, overcome weaknesses, to become a higher, better, stronger, faster you.  I believe in you!  You believe in you!  What else is there that matters?  

So, no more cherry picking the workouts!  Get in here!  Sweat a bit (or a lot)! Have some fun!  Grow, excell, learn and become who and what you want to be!  See you soon!


AMRAP 7: Wallballs (20/14) On the Minute: 5 Deadlifts (225/155) 

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