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The Southwest Championsips!

Elevated CrossFit has two 3-person teams that will be competing in The Southwest Championships August 30th-31st.  

This is a two day event that had an online qualifier and is doing entry by invitation.  The aim of this event is two-fold. 

1st, the organizers are trying to create a regional style CrossFit Competition that will eventually be recognized by CrossFit and made into a Sanctional event that qualifies athletes for entry into the CrossFit Games. 

2nd, the event is a charity event with proceeds this year going to family who has experienced serious medical hardship. The family has already been selected and you can read about them here: Valerie Clawson Strength in Numbers Award . 

So, what does this mean for you?  First, you should plan on going to the event to support your fellow Elevated CrossFit Athletes.  There are a couple of ways to go, either as a spectator or a volunteer.  They still need volunteers of all kinds from judges to athlete attendants to medical support.  You can sign up for volunteering at this link: VOLUNTEER  btw, volunteers get free entry to the events and after party,... and we are told they get a ton of free swag!

For more info on the event click this link:

Southwest Championships

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