• Coach Rob

WOD for Saturday 190323

A good number of us have yet to do 19.5...your team needs your score, so come in and let’s get it done!  

  Let’s see if the PM classes can show in force to tie up the CLASH of the MERIDIEMS.  

  We learned last time that it is all about single person can push the needle far enough to swing the comp. 

For Saturday, it’s 19.5...unless you’ve already done it...if you have....a good day of active recovery testing some movements:

Standing Long Jump

Vertical Leap

250M Row

AMRAP Sit-ups 1:00

AMRAP Sit-ups 2:00

AMRAP Air Squats 1:00

Plank Hold for time

AMRAP Wall Balls 2:00


You may pick and choose from these or do others not listed.  

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