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WOD For Saturday 181201


5 Rounds of a 4:00 Window: 400 Meter Run or 500 Meter Row 1 Round of "CTB Cindy" Max Squat Cleans (135/95) 2:00 rest between rounds. 

“Enthusiasm is common. But endurance, is rare.”

-Angela Duckworth

We are all engaged in the pursuit of similar goals; whether our goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, increase our stamina, create greater grit and mental fortitude or some other tack, we share the same struggles.  

Our enthusiasm and motivation is going to wane. It is getting cold outside.  It’s not exactly warm in the gym. It’s going to snow. The roads are going to be bad. We are not going to get the sleep we need. We are going to be sore. We are going to strain a muscle. We are going to have shopping to do. I could go on...

Carving out the time to take care of our bodies requires great effort; every day. I admire every one of you that is harnessing your energies and persevering through the daily struggles we all have, to arrive at Elevated.  

Keep at it! You are not the only one that believes in you.  You are missed on the day you don’t show up.  Continue to persevere, striving to better yourself, improving your quality of life.  

In this season of giving thanks for Him and all those we love, let us all slow down, make time for the most important things, and then save the right amount for your Elevated CrossFit family and caring for your health.  I’m thankful for my association with each of you and wish you the best in this Holiday Season. 

-Coach Rob

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