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WOD for Thursday 180215

Partner WOD - To 1000 With a partner, strategize how to accumulate 1000 reps as ast as possible using the movements below. Both partners may work at the same time. However, a team may only do a maximum of 200 reps total for any one movement. And for each movement you choose to do, each person must do a minimum of 25 reps. The movements are: Calories on Rower Double Unders Push Press (95/70) Alternating DB Snatches s (50/35) Sit-ups Wall Balls (20/16)

Burpees Push-ups Russian KB Swings (53/35) Air Squats Handstand Push-ups

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Another shameless case you forgot or didn't see it yesterday, please go to Google, look up Elevated CrossFit and give us a great review! Thank you in advance! BAD BLOOD Open 14.4 AMRAP 14 Mi

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