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Thanksgiving Earn and Burn!

This Thanksgiving...let's take the opportunity to earn our meal and then burn it off...

EARN: Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) come join us for a WOD before you stuff yourself


BURN: Friday (Yes, Black Friday) come join us for your post Holiday WOD


BURN PART II: Saturday come join us again to burn off the leftover indulgence

**I know none of you will overindulge, but with the extra time we will all have on our hands, we might as well spend a bit with friends doing some light know, we call it CrossFit


Wednesday - Regular Class times

Thursday -

6:30 a.m. Open Gym/ Comp WOD

8:00 a.m. Regular WOD

9:00 a.m. Regular WOD

Friday -

6:30 a.m. Regular WOD/Comp WOD

7:30 a.m. Regular WOD

4:30 p.m. Regular WOD

5:30 p.m. Regular WOD

Saturday -

6:30 a.m. Open Gym/Comp WOD

8:00 a.m. Regular WOD

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