Personal Training

Personal Training

ECF Personal Training is yet another valuable resource that sets us apart. Over the years, we've found that everyone that passes through our doors needs at least a few days of personal training with one of our highly qualified coaches. Wether it's their first experience with ECF and they want to get prepped for the Group WOD's, or a veteran CrossFit athlete looking to improve on a weakness, or a young athlete that wants an extra edge to make it on the team or gain a scholarship, we have dealt with it all, and have had 100% success with all personal training clients.Give us a call today to see how we can help! 801-477-7011.All ECF coaches are available to schedule for Personal Training, each with something unique to offer. We are very excited to partner with Rebecca Rowley as an exclusive personal trainer to offer more times, experience, and a dedicated resource for your fitness needs.

Meet Becca:

My story is not filled with all the drama, guts, and glory that I think most people are looking for in their personal trainer. It's simple really. I was very young when I was introduced to serious health issues: diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, and obesity. These diseases were all very close to me because they were within the walls of my own home. I felt doomed to the same fate as some of my extended, and even immediate, family.

You see I was not born into the world as a twiggy type. I swear, I was born right into a size-12 jeans. Always being a “bigger girl," I felt I had no chance; I would just end up a chubster. Athletics appealed to me, but I couldn't run a mile in under 24:15, even with the wind at my back. And a pull up, are you kidding me? Folks, I was in 4th grade with this thought process. As I got older, I found sports and hobbies that kept me active, and helped me change the way I felt about myself. I came to a place slowly, EVER so slowly, that I could accept my larger-than-life legs, wide back, and overly muscular arms.

The real game changer for me was when my seventh-grade track and field coach told me that I had the potential to be great. He was the catalyst to a crazy journey, leading me years later to a college scholarship for track and field. I worked my butt off and had many people who believed in me. But I will never forget the sincere belief that my seventh-grade coach had in me. Seeing the impact that that coach had on me was inspiring. I knew I wanted to be that for many people too. I wanted to make a difference -- help them see their true potential (you know, all the cheesy stuff).

I decided to intern at a Gold's Gym as a personal trainer at the ripe age of 18-years-old. The highlight of each day was going to the gym to see my clients. I was able to help them tap into this place of total self-control and happiness. For my own selfish reasons I could never leave the job. My clients fed off of my energy and I fed off of theirs. Six years later and thousands of pounds lost, millions of inches melted away, and an abnormal superhuman self-confidence established in every single client, I am still completely in love with the job.

With that being said, I am no stranger to failure and I have been blessed to know success (which in my opinion, if I dare say it, is what makes me a good personal trainer). I love starchy, naughty carbs; I still hate to run (don’t ask my mile time); and a bowl of ice cream makes me swoon. I am so human, it is sickening. Because of that, I know what it takes to help others succeed. My hard-earned knowledge, heart, and energy is open and available to all of those who are ready to make the changes they wish to see in themselves. Weight gain, weight loss, climbing the tallest mountain in the world, or a sub-5:00-minute mile -- it doesn't matter what the goal is. The formula to having all that you want is pretty simple. It is this: hard work equals success. You are simply amazing; and if I can establish that in you, then I have achieved all that I set out to.


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