Tyson Henrie


I have been involved in athletics and fitness my entire life. I fell in love with working out during my 8 years on the Snowbird/Sundance Ski Team and participating in preseason dry-land training. We would meet at a park and do everything from box jumps, 1-legged squats on fence posts, speed drills, and everything in between with the extremely minimal amount of equipment we had. CrossFit had not been created yet, but looking back, the workouts we did were very similar, just less structured and scientific.I was on my own for pre-season training during high school, and blindly followed the masses at the local 'globo-gym' doing leg presses, extensions, blah, blah, blah for a few intermittent sessions during the off-season. I never fully bought into it and signed out of my membership for running with my dogs in the mountains and mountain biking. During my Sophomore year in high school, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 6 months later. After that experience, I knew that I wanted to help people and save lives. I got EMT certified and followed my new found desire of becoming a medical doctor, thinking that that would be a legitimate way to help the world out. During my final semester of Pre-Med classes, I was introduced to CrossFit by my squad boss at Utah County Wildland Fire. I knew that I had found something substantial, something that changed my life in that one workout that I got halfway through and left me in a sad state next to the toilet in a pool of sweat and goo. Wow, that was powerful! I knew that I could use this new thing to improve my life and those around me.


After that, I immersed myself in CrossFit and everything that Coach Glassman and others had to offer. I turned my sister's garage into a gym (thank you!) and followed the main site programming until I could do all the workouts as prescribed. I became Level 1 certified in October of 2010, and started training people in my (awesome) garage. Since then I have been lucky enough to train over 1500 students during the past 6 years at Elevated Sports and Fitness. Nothing gets me more stoked than seeing a student achieve a hard earned goal, and I love working just as hard as them to help them get there.


I have also been the head coach of the Sundance Ski Team for the past 9 years. The first year I coached I knew that I wanted to do it the rest of my life. I love coaching kids and get a lot of enjoyment from their enthusiasm, optimism, and love for life. Being able to influence the future is a very humbling and powerful job that has taught me more than anything about people. My experience running the team has melded directly into fitness and nutrition and has made Elevated Sports and Fitness a fun and exciting place to be part of! 


Come join the family!


    • CrossFit Level 1 Certified


    • CrossFit Kids Certified


    • Olympic Lifting Certified


    • USAW Level 1 Coach


    • CrossFit Mobility Certified


    • 9 years experience training athletes


    • Continuing to learn all day all year.


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Braden Jenkins

I have always been determined and driven to become better, at everything. When I was younger myself and some friends took up the sport of Rugby. At the time, it was still fairly new in America and they're still weren't very many teams around to join. We began by teaching ourselves and playing with anyone who was willing. Eventually, this wasn't enough. Myself and a couple friends set out to find us some coaches that would share our dream in making a South Utah County Rugby team. Two years later, after hours of hard work, practice, and making the semi-finals in the state tournament the season prior, I was captaining the South County Crusaders Rugby Club to the Division 2 State Championship's which we would later win. It was awesome. I have a special passion for Rugby, and I can now say that same passion lies with my feelings for CrossFit.

I first walked into Elevated CrossFit in October of 2012. A friend was showing me around because he had just recently started attending the classes. It wouldn't be until a few months later that I would start going myself, but once I did, I was hooked. I loved it. As I learned more and more about CrossFit my Rugby game became better. I began learning more about my nutrition, how important mobility was, and was participating in different style workouts that were fun as well as challenging. Even though I was already athletic, I saw and felt a change. I began developing a passion for it. Tyson then offered me a chance to intern for him. I eagerly took the offer, and then later got my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification in Park City.

I want to share my passion of CrossFit with anyone striving for a healthier lifestyle. The science of human movement and the idea of reaching one's full human potential fascinates me. Leading a rugby team and working with players to share what I know began my coaching experience, and I loved it. Academically, I chose to put myself on a course to graduate high school with an Associate's Degree in Behavioral Science because I am determined and driven to become better. I'm thirsty for knowledge. Currently I'm continuing my education at UVU working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. I want to keep gaining knowledge, so I can make myself better as well as sharing it with others to help better themselves. I love seeing other people accomplish their goals and reach closer to their full human potential. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone I helped succeed.


Rob Lowe

From being a baseball pitcher to pole-vaulter to running the 400 to being a BYU Football walk-on to mountain biking, snow and water skiing, playing indoor and outdoor volleyball or whatever sport I could get involved in, being active has always been a huge part of my life.

I maintained a high level of activity since my youth, but as years passed I noticed holes in my own workout programs. Time became more scarce, and with it went different portions of activity that used to somewhat fill those holes. I longed for a “smarter” program in which I could engage in “real” movements that would prepare me well for the different sports and activities I was still participating in. When my wife’s brother started talking about Crossfit I was skeptical but interested; as he got deeper into it I decided to try it. He put me through my first official workout in his garage; 6 minutes later as I lay on the cement, wet, muscles burning and gasping for air, I realized I was hooked. I spent a few months as his guinea pig, working out at his home until he finally opened his own facility in Springville. Since that time, Crossfit has been a constant addiction of mine, both constantly challenging and constantly rewarding me.

Through my life I have stumbled on a couple of truths that fit well with Crossfit as I see it. 1st - The limits we see to our abilities are not based on our true potential but by self-imposed expectations that can be changed, raised and sometimes removed. 2nd – There are smarter ways to achieve fitness. 3rd – Sweat is a good thing; earn it. This Crossfit habit supported and engulfed me and because of that I desired to share it. I got my Level 1 Certification in May of 2013, and have been coaching classes since. As much as seeing my own progress excites me, I get the same kind of satisfaction seeing others achieve their goals and get excited about the changes and improvements they see. Elevated Crossfit is a perfect fit for me because it fosters the kind of friendship, community and challenging opportunities for growth that should be available for everyone.

Liz Bass


I have always loved sports and fitness. From an early age, and through high school, I played soccer and baseball/softball with city leagues. I was also part of some out-of-the-norm teams like roller skating and jump roping. In high school, I was a four-sport athlete, lettering a total of seven times in soccer, softball, volleyball, and track. My senior year, I was an Athlete-of-the-Year Nominee and was selected as part of the California All-State Second Team for soccer.

My passion and ability promoted me to study Physical Education and Coaching during my undergraduate studies at BYU (it was my minor). In my adult life, I have enjoyed various city league teams, college intramurals, organized running races, and martial arts. In my teaching career (I currently teach 8th-grade English at SJHS), I have taught girls' and Co-Ed P.E.; coached basketball, volleyball, and track; and facilitated after-school intramural programs.

I have always maintained an active lifestyle, even after major thyroid issues in 2003, which resulted in a weight gain of 130 pounds, topping out at 306 pounds. After my thyroid was regulated, I didn't have a lot of motivation to get the weight off, especially when every diet I tried resulted in losing and gaining the same 30 pounds. So, I still did active things, but ate anything in sight.

I didn't start taking things seriously until I had a wake-up call with my health. In 2010, my hormone levels were all over the place and I was pre-diabetic. The final straw was experiencing a traumatic miscarriage in July of that year. This was the real start of my journey; I realized that a healthy lifestyle and nutrition needed to be a part of my life. Applying the things that I learned, I lost 70 pounds over the course of 2 years (with a baby in between).
In November 2012, CrossFit became my intricate connection to achieving my goals and having a healthybody. Since that time, I have lost an additional 60+ pounds. I have improved my strength, endurance, energy, and overall attitude about my progress since starting CrossFit. With the results that I have seen, I'm determined more than ever now to hit my goals and help others do the same.

The programs at Elevated CrossFit work, plain and simple. I love coaching ECF's boot camp program and helping others make the necessary changes to see the results they are looking for.

Alan Perkes

In the past I cyclically struggled with wellness let alone fitness. I have been in excellent condition at several times especially during football and basic training. Once I had accomplished something with fitness, life always took more time and I ate like crap or I stopped exercising, putting it off for later.

As I've watched both my parents eat themselves into diabetes and a number of other health issues and seeing some of those issues in myself. It sparked a desire for change. I began playing racquetball and biking to work. Both of which were great activities, but not quite enough to sustain my fitness. It took a lot of time that I didn't have and was very monotonous. In Oct 2009 my brother introduced me to CrossFit and we started working out on Saturdays. I was hooked.

Having a background in health and medicine from civilian and military sources helped me with a plethora of information and understanding. I quickly realized I had found something special. I began being an online CrossFit geek. And finally on Dec 28, 2011, I noticed Elevated CrossFit pop up in Springville on the affiliates page! I was already driving there before the screen went dark.

I walked in, met Tyson, told him to save his speal and sign me up. I'll tell it true, all the workouts scare me, all the workouts push me, my greatest life expanding holy shit moments come at the end of WOD’s or the top of heavy squats. I always knew I'd love to be a coach and to help people to reach their fitness goals. And now I get to. I've been through all sorts of injuries, surgery's, and my own fat loss struggles. I know what it takes to make progress, lose fat, or recover. I've walked the path, and want to help you get there too.


Squat: 405#

Deadlift: 405#

Power Clean: 225#

Push Jerk: 225#

Mile: 8:20

Jacob Kenison

Teresa Lupus


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