Boot Camp

Whether you join our troop to blow through a plateau, start your fitness journey, gain muscle, lose fat, or improve confidence, we have something for EVERYONE.

Get Elevated Boot Camp is a program created to fit YOUR goals. And EVERY trooper sees results!

Our goal is to help you get healthy and fit, challenge your mind and body, and make fitness fun in the amount of time that it takes you to get there. We tailor our package options to match your individualized fitness goal plan.

Get Elevated Boot Camp utilizes a combination of cardio, strength, muscle endurance, core, flexibility, and functional movements. Our workouts give you EVERYTHING you need to have maximum calorie burn, and maximum fun. 

Plan on every workout being different. This prevents your body from adapting and plateauing.

What do you do when you don’t come to Physical Training? No worries here, we have you covered. Each week you get homework and bonus work to keep you moving the days you’re not in the gym to maintain your work and keep your mind strong.

Just say “NO” to diets, quick fixes, and unproductive, short-term solutions! Get Elevated Boot Camp’s philosophy is to create healthy lifestyles and relationships with food that last a lifetime.

The nutrition program we give you is habit-based, building step upon step, allowing us to help you evaluate your nutrition, give you research-based feedback and advice, and keep you pointed in the right direction.

Each step of the way, you’ll have caring and knowledgeable coaches who motivate you through the workouts, teach you proper form of movements, take time to meet with you one-on-one for nutrition feedback, and hold you accountable to your goals. Typically, these types of services can cost upwards of $300/month! You get them at a fraction of the cost with Get Elevated Boot Camp.

The teamwork and positivity you’ll experience creates the perfect environment for you to reach your goals. Fellow troopers provide you with additional support and motivation, push you to finish your workouts, and keep you accountable, and help you have fun!

Get fit and have fun with Get Elevated Boot Camp! We’re ready to help you reach your highest potential.

Check out what our Trooper have to say about their Get Elevated experience:

"When I started this journey I was looking to just help myself get into a routine of working out on a regular basis again. But what I got was a group of amazing support and new friends that pushed me to do things that I didn't have faith in myself to do. Every workout was fun, yet pushed limits to become stronger, and being a better me." -Jamie

"I started boot camp to get my strength back and to learn what exercises I can do without machines...I learned that my body is a machine! I am stronger and can do hard things. I survived boot camp...not bad for 57!" - Ellen

"I started out really skeptical, but having great coaches, and teammates helped me stay motivated.They cheered me on, and kept me accountable....that's what really made it work. I'm so much stronger, and feel better about the journey ahead! I love boot camp!" -Stacy

"Boot camp was exactly what I needed for my goals...for a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life." -Georgia


Monday5:30AM - 9:00PM
Tuesday5:30AM - 9:00PM
Wednesday5:30AM - 9:00PM
Thursday5:30AM - 9:00PM
Friday5:30AM - 9:00PM
Saturday8:00AM - 11:00AM
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